Heather Serody on How To Strive In Midlife?

The Lifestyle Connoisseur Podcast – Episode 1: CEW Series: How To Strive In Midlife? featuring Heather Serody

Heather Serody is the founder of and we had a chance to learn more about her and the brand she’s building. We met briefly at a blogger event in Fort Lauderdale and instantly it dawned on me that her resources could be used by thousands if not millions of people.

My brand, WhoIsDésir – The Lifestyle Connoisseur has its own podcast. On this podcast I interview entrepreneurs who are making moves in Miami and abroad. This happens to be my first episode and as a disclaimer, I never set out to become a podcast producer.

This episode is targeted for:

  • Bloggers who need monetization tips.
  • Women who have a family.
  • Those looking to transition within their careers.
  • Those who enjoy a great convo.

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