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Heather Serody on How To Strive In Midlife?

The Lifestyle Connoisseur Podcast – Episode 1: CEW Series: How To Strive In Midlife? featuring Heather Serody

Heather Serody is the founder of and we had a chance to learn more about her and the brand she’s building. We met briefly at a blogger event in Fort Lauderdale and instantly it dawned on me that her resources could be used by thousands if not millions of people.

My brand, WhoIsDésir – The Lifestyle Connoisseur has its own podcast. On this podcast I interview entrepreneurs who are making moves in Miami and abroad. This happens to be my first episode and as a disclaimer, I never set out to become a podcast producer.

This episode is targeted for:

  • Bloggers who need monetization tips.
  • Women who have a family.
  • Those looking to transition within their careers.
  • Those who enjoy a great convo.

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Jean-Désir Named Chair Of The Professional Development Committee With YPN Miami

YPN Nomination

The Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has nominated me to be the Chair of the Professional Development Committee with YPN Miami. In addition to this there will be an official induction ceremony at the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce headquarters. I want all of my friends and colleagues in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach to be there.

Young Professionals Network of Miami is one of the most respected young professionals organizations in south Florida.

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The Diamond Butterfly’s Natasha Wright explains How to Do What It Takes To Please Your Clients!

The Diamond Butterfly’s Natasha Wright explains How to Do What It Takes To Please Your Clients!

Natasha Wright, a Miami based entrepreneur and founder of The Diamond Butterfly Event and Social Media Marketing. Her events feature everything from book clubs to film screenings in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Natasha’s events include a: book series, independent film premieres and more. Listen to learn how The Diamond Butterfly’s Natasha Wright explains how to do what it takes to please your clients!

One of her goals is to shed light on women who are in business and giving them the support to push forward in their respective journey’s.

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