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The Books, Tools and Resources I am using to take the LSAT

The law school process is a big change for me in my professional career. If you are reading this, I am sure it is for you as well.

This series is called Entrepreneur turned law school student and hopefully; Entrepreneur Turned Lawyer. Studying for the LSAT involves some isolation but not too much because you can join groups and work with a tutor which I highly recommend.

Studying for the LSAT involves some isolation but not too much because you can join groups and work with a tutor

Here are a few books I am using or have used to study the LSAT exam. The first set of books are from PowerScore. I followed the Powerscore brand because on my first LSAT journey I used a private tutor but that style of learning didn’t fit my work school. My competency on the material was very weak and made me feel out of place. However, as I read and studied alone, things improved significantly without a tutor or a private company.

Since then, I am retaking the LSAT and decided to work with Kaplan. Below I have a $100 off a Kaplan course or tutoring (It does not have to be LSAT related). They are a great company and have really worked with me on increasing my knowledge of my LSAT material. O

  • The PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible
  • The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible

In this list, you will find the Websites I used to get a more in-depth experience with the LSAT material.

  • Khan Academy
    • Khan Academy’s LSAT course was created in partnership with the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). I actually did the entire course/study recommendations that they gave me.
    • By the way, it is FREE to use.

Taking notes and staying organized make studying much more enjoyable. There is no particular order and this list will be updated as the years go by because every student learns differently. I use the word tool to mean an item or technology interchangeably.

Kaplan LSAT Study Material Breakdown

As mentioned earlier I am now using Kaplan Test Prep for my LSAT journey to get a high score.

  • Kaplan is the premier source for learning from the high-school to the professional ranks.
  • Get $100 Amazon Gift Card when you sign up for your Kaplan LSAT course.

  • Don’t worry we both win! I get a $100 gift card as well.

  • Kaplan LSAT Unlocked – Click Here

  • Kaplan Lesson Book – Have to be a enrolled student

Health and Wealth Tips During Your LSAT Studies

  • Immune Support Packs – Purchase Now
    • For some reason I would get the sniffles once in a while and these helped keep me in the game
  • Many health ailments pop up when we are focused that may inhibit us from focusing on the task at hand; use these resources wisely
  • Reaching out to your primary care physician or your medical support staff is key Gym and Exercise
  • I work out maybe 3-4 times per week in my home gym
    • Give me some time to post the workout tips. lol